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Type Make Caliber Mechanism Serial Number Price
Brown Bess.75Flintlocknone £1200.00


1755 long land pattern Brown Bess musket .75 cal. 46' barrel, 1755 tower lock with appropriate brass furniture, select walnut stock, made in 2000, with .75cal ball mold, powder cartridge bag, cleaning kit, and rod, spare flints and lead balls.

Reigate Gun Makers IMG_20190802_113145.jpgReigate Gun Makers IMG_20190802_113206.jpgReigate Gun Makers IMG_20190802_113222.jpgReigate Gun Makers IMG_20190802_113232.jpgReigate Gun Makers IMG_20190802_113317.jpgReigate Gun Makers IMG_20190802_113323.jpgReigate Gun Makers IMG_20190802_113530-001.jpg

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Our Ref: 4224
Orientation: R/H
Condition: S/H

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