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Wildcat Evolution Sound Moderator

Wildcat Evolution Sound Moderator


Please enquire for available calibres and threads.

Our Wildcat Evolution is perfect blend of performance and light weight. With its 50/50 distribution over barrel design making it perfect for use in the field. As with our Predator it is strippable for cleaning and maintenance. Rated for all standard non magnum calibres.
Available in most standard threads, 1/2x20UNF, 1/2x28UNEF, 5/8x18UNF, 5/8x24UNEF, 14×1 ,15×1, 18×1 metric threads
Custom threads also available on request, please contact us for further information.

Weight Grams – 432g

Diameter – 44 Ø

Over-barrel length – 105mm

Added length – 153.50mm

Total length – 258.50mm

Max barrel diameter – 25mm

Materials – Aluminium, Stainless Steel

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